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Chunky’s Top 10 of the Last Ten Years:#2

2018 Chippewa Valley Big Reds 14-0, Division 1 State Champions

#2 on our list goes to the Big Reds. This team was as balanced as a team can be. If Tommy Schuster wasn’t threading the needle to David Ellis, then Andre Chenault was bowling over opponents on his way to the endzone. On it’s way to a perfect season Chippewa would beat district rival Dakota twice, including a 51-10 win to clinch the district title. The Big Reds would continue to roll it’s way to Ford Field with wins over Fordson and Belleville. Defending State Champ Clarkston would try it’s best to deny Chippewa it’s first title since 2001. In a game that came down to the last play, the Big Reds would make one final defensive stop on a 2 pt. Conversion to secure the 2018 Division 1 State Championship.

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